Tips on fixing scratches in you furniture

Few can deny the charm of wood furniture. It matches most interiors and is very durable, providing a versatile and reliable solutions that stands the test of time. However, even the finest wood can be susceptible to scratches and dents. While most antique wood furniture usually requires professional repairs, you can deal with minor scratches at home, without needing to resort to stripping and refinishing, Here are a couple of tips on how to deal with them.

The first thing you need to do is clean your furniture before even attempting to fix the scratch.

The most reliable way to do it is to use a mix of washing soap and warm water which creates a cleaning solution that is reliable and safe to use with wood. Apply it with a lint-free cloth - make sure to wring our all excess water from it before you proceed, however! Gently rub the wood to remove any dirt you may find - grease, wax, old furniture polish - anything. Make sure your furniture has dried off before you move on the next step by either waiting for it to dry or wiping it with a dry cloth.

When it comes to repairing the scratches on modern wooden furniture, there are a number of methods that will get the job done. All of these options can be found at most home improvement and hardware shops and will work on most finished wooden surfaces. One popular option is a felt-tip marker with which you can colour in scratches. Usually shops carry a great variety of these in a number of colours that should match most species of wood. Make sure the marker is only applied to the scratch itself and wipe off any colour that gets on a finished surface immediately. If you're looking for a more home-made way to deal with scratches, you can use a black tea brew to disguise the scratch marks. Use a cotton swab to apply the tea to the scratch while quickly wiping away any tea that gets on the surrounding wood. A paste made of coffee and water will help you achieve the same effect, as will a shelled walnut.